Beaverton’s Newest Thrift Store

Recently relocated from Sellwood, where we had a thriving store and community that we loved, Sam’s Attic Eclectic Thrift has now reopened in Beaverton. Located at 7901 SW Cirrus Bldg. 27 in the Parkside Business Park is a very different location for us, but is a sort of coming home to where we were before we were a thrift store, and we are excited to be there. Sam’s Attic offers a full range of second hand items for just about every buyer.  Want to know what’s even better?  The impact of shopping at Sam’s Attic supports more than just the local community—it supports a global effort to educate students in Uganda, East Africa.   Thank you for making Sam’s Attic part of your shopping and donation plans!

With an all volunteer staff, this non-profit uses the proceeds from Sam’s Attic to directly support educational programs for children in Good Samaritan International schools and orphanages in Uganda. These communities have been devastated by the HIV/AIDS virus but GSM works to break the cycle of poverty through education and empowerment. GSM’s work in Uganda is locally developed and locally run. Sam’s Attic proudly supports these efforts.  

With all items in the store donated, Sam's Attic is helping to change the lives of children in Uganda by selling "no longer needed treasures" to provide hope for a future through education.  We help pay teacher salaries, thus easing the costs of running these schools, and providing the opportunity for school to many who could otherwise not afford it.  Stop in and see what we have to offer.       

The story

Our story begins with a yearly parking lot sale.  From first year sales of $9,000 to over $29,000 in subsequent years, this 34 hour sale left us holding some amazing items, with no place to store them.  The question became, "Are we supposed to be opening a thrift store?", but we always said "No, that's crazy!"  Here we are, in 2019, just relocated from Sellwood as we lost our building after 7 years. We are excited to see what is in store for us, as we have come back to Beaverton with our eye to rebuild our base here, while keeping an eye out for an affordable spot for us in the SE. We are volunteer run and staffed; all our items are donated; and we get new items every single day!  What an amazing way to take people's treasures they no longer need or want, and to use them to change the lives of over 1,600 children in Uganda, by giving them opportunity and the hope of an education and a future.  Many of these children would not have the chance to go to school.  Most of them have had at least one, if not both parents, who have died of AIDS, malaria, or even the measles!  At our schools we also house over 300 in orphan homes.  What a privilege to be a part of this life changing work. We began this work to provide for our Ugandan children, but have found this Uganda piece to be the added bonus. The best part of this work has been the relationships we have built in our staff and in our community. Thank you for joining us in becoming community and being a part of something much bigger than ourselves.




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Sam's Attic
7901 SW Cirrus Dr. Bldg. 27
Beaverton, OR 97008